Meet the Bundys

For the old times sake, we've watched after work Married with children - a classic comedy series that ran on TV when we were kids :)  There is just something about that show, even though it seems silly and tacky. Actually, it is so fun with the Bundy's mishaps, funny sentences and sarcasm - a must have qualities for a late night relax :) Watching the show made me so inspired with Kelly's and Peggy's style that I decided to share some with you as well, this time I'm digging deeper into Kelly's style which is very related to current fashion as well!

Kelly Bundy, being the sexy/silly rebel chic of the family, has a style you really must notice. In some cases, being sexy on purpose can look funny or overdone, in Kelly's case it's perfect. Her style is emphasizing her best assets, her beautiful figure and the aspect of Kelly being a "sexkitten" but it looks still fun and whenever she pops into the screen you just stare at the outfit with a "wow" on your face! The other half I love about her style, is the rebel chic - somewhat like myself, she dresses in leather, torn jeans, puts on a bunch of massive jewellery and a bold make-up.  You gotta love those details and that pure 80-90s style that's rocking the world right now! :)

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