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You know, fashion isn't always glitz and glamour with dresses from Louis Vuitton or shoes from Louboutin. Many models, celebrities, fashionistas, women all over the world can't really have the luxury to look like million bucks so they obviously go towards another direction - looking as cheap as possible. But wait a minute with judging because the outfits don't consist the cheapest rags possible - it's a very delicate, thought-throw style which is called in ordinary language a hobo style. :)

If you aren't familiar with this style but feel as if you have the talent to pull this off, you don't have to look far for inspiration - you can find it right from the residents of Garbage Can, a very stylish place for new innovative trend-tips. Our own beloved Kim Kardashian, Miley Cyrus and Taylor Momsen have adapted some lovely pin-points and are now proudly wearing the hobo-style as if they were born to be homeless! Girls, you've got some style-sense there! 

Now, talking seriously, the bohemian style nowadays has done some horrible turns and looks nothing like bohemian style should look like. Flowy skirts have been replaced with t-shirts 10 sizes bigger and the place of stylish cowboy style boots has now been filled with horrific ugg-boots that look as if a person from ice-age has borrowed their footwear to poor skinny models (I mean, they look anorectic enough so the people must have thought at least huge sheep-skin boots can help to keep them alive!) The style isn't only something worn by models who have no willpower to dress normally off-duty, but young girls - teenagers - all over the world are looking like that now, because it's cool. I just want to ask: What the freakish hell is going on in your mind that you think it looks cool to wear clothes as if you fell into a curtain? Or that you look so poor that people on the street want to offer you some money so you could buy decent clothes?

 I can't really even blame girls anymore because cheaper high street stores - the ones they can afford with their allowance - offer style like that. I haven't been able to buy normal clothes from those stores anymore because all they have on sale are amazingly ugly jackets that look like they are made of trash bags, over-sized shirts that you could just drown in and those horrible boots that not only look like your grandma could wear them, but they hurt your ankles so badly that in the end when you are 40 you can't probably walk - because your feet just hasn't had the chance to develop normally thanks to those 100% anti-foot-friendly boots. 

Horrible cuts, shapeless clothes, poor fabrics and low quality - is that what we really want to wear? Is that what we want young girls to have as ultimate trend-look? The style has changed so tacky that all I can do is hope one day it will turn around! Or we'll just end up having streets full of people looking homeless. Even though the clothes they are wearing cost a mini fortune. 

But if you are one of the people who really loves hobo style - who's heart bounces when they see a oversized raggish shirt on sale or who would give anything for a pair of ugg's - then here is a little style hint how to look like a hobo! :) 

If you are not really sure about how to rock this style, these are the main pin-points:

* Wear old jeans - preferably your brother's or father's - even better if they have holes in them, or just wear leggings with socks on them (that will earn you extra hobo-style-points!) or just wear nothing but torn tights with boots!
* Find that perfectly ugly pair of boots - UGG's will do, even cooler if you spend a lot of money on them! The cheaper it will look. Mainly because no one could ever be that stupid to buy a pair of UGG's costing more than .. well 1$. (the boots on the set cost 260€ - yes, twice as much as a pair of lita boots).
* Swag. You just have to have a piece of clothing saying swag.
* Of course fill your wardrobe with clothes in size xxxxxl. Even if you are a size S. The bigger, the better, right? (PS: The shirt on the set costs 160€, can you imagine?!)
* And of course to make it all perfect you have to have a huge jacket to cover it all and keep you warm :) For an extra touch add a beanie saying something like bieber, swag, b*tch, or whatever else like that.

What do you think about hobo style? Are you a fan and love to dress up like that? Or you just can't imagine how any woman who owns a slight amount of self-respect could walk around like that? Share your thoughts with me :) 

PS: What do you think about this new segment in the blog where I review different styles and sometimes throw some criticism on the way, in a bit sarcastic, funny way? Do you like it? :) 

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