Lucite Heels - Jeffrey Campbell Soiree vs Lindex Pink Lucite Heels

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It has been a while that glass-imitation heels have been rocking the fashion world and found the way to every fashionista's heart. But where did it all start? For me, it all began from Jeffrey Campbell's Soiree heels, which quickly took over the fashion world and now pretty much every girl owns a pair of similar shoes. However, the trend of lucite heels has been there for a while - many refer to these heels as the inspiration from Cinderella with her glass slippers. What bothers me is the belief that lucite heels are worn only by erotic dancers etc. I'd say it is anything but true! Now the lucite heels have been given such classy and feminine form that they resemble pure femininity and chicness. It's ultimately trendy, modern and edgy, making every outfit pop out! The most chic version of lucite heels is the strapped version which can be found by Jeffrey Campbell, but also from many many others. 

The originals can cost quite a lot, but if you don't want to spend that much on these trend-shoes, there are some other ways to find similar shoes looking beautiful but costing much much less! Here are some bit cheaper ones that still look awesome :) 

Also, I was very positively surprised to find heels like this from Lindex! Mine cost only 13,49€ and they look super awesome with pink lucite heel :) 

Are you a fan of lucite heels or do you even own a pair of them? Share your thoughts with me <3

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